Whatever you're needs...I'm here to help.

For many business owners, the prospect of designing, developing, and maintaining their online presences is daunting. My job is to help you efficiently and effectively navigate the waters of social media. It is my goal to give business owners the knowledge and the ability to maintain their brand themselves...to have complete control. However, if you would just prefer someone else to maintain your online presence, I can do that too. My job is to make yours easier while attracting and interacting with customers.

Web Design

Although I have experience designing with Wordpress, Jimdo, and Godaddy Web--My platform of choice is a Wix site. I am a ProDesigner in the Wix Arena. The innovated and integrated tools provided by the Wix Platform really serve to enhance your brands online appearance and reputation making your connection to customer stronger. 


With Wix, you have the option of having your website built in Html 5 or Flash website, customized search engine optimization, stunning design, and the ability to edit your website with ease at your own convenience. Hosting with wix comes at an affordable monthly or annual cost--Perfect for businesses on a budget.

Social Media Strategy

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, and so many others it's hard to know where to begin!


My goal is to evaluate your business model to determine which social sites will be the most beneficial for you. Not every business needs to be on every social media platform...it's unnecessary and not practical. 


Services can vary from basic setup of social media profiles, consultation, or even monthly maintenance.


If you choose to maintain your own social media strategy. I will sit down with you to develope a social media schedule and plan to guide you on way through social media. It is my job to give you the tools to be effective. 

Email Marketing

After evaluating your skill level and business needs I will setup an email marketing system for your business with either MailChimp, Constant Constant, or Wix ShoutOut. The first two companies are two of the most widely used email marketing platforms in the industry. 


After setup, you will receive training on how to build and design templates, how to set up and group contacts, and learn how to gauge how successful your email campaigns.